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90% of Weight Loss Attempts Fail Because of This

And before you jump ahead to the answer to that…

It’s NOT because they still ate some bread or didn’t ‘detox’ there system.

Let me ask you this:

You’ve probably watched some sport before?

Maybe the kids play soccer or netball.

Almost everyone from players to spectators can get engaged in a good game.

There is one main reason for that…

We want to know who wins.

And the entire time the match is going on we know WHO is winning.

It keeps us engaged throughout.

As well as telling us if what we are doing (tactics in the game) are working.

If we are getting our butts handed to us, well might need to change those tactics.

If we are comfortably getting ahead, keep it going.

‘The f*** has this got to do with weight loss Dave?’

I’m getting there.

At least 90% of the time when I look at a ‘failed’ weight loss or diet attempt.

The person did not even know IF they were ‘winning’.

They did not have the right measurements in place to see if what they were doing is working.

Which might seem silly on the surface.

‘If my goal is to lose weight, then I just look at that… simple’

Well, is the goal REALLY to lose weight?

Or is to lose FAT?

Or better put.

Is the goal to look GOOD?

To rock a nice fitting dress.

To go strut around with glowing confidence.

To feel sexy in your skin.

I’d say, they’re the REAL goals.

In which case, if you just watch the old scales, you have very little idea if you are winning.

Because your weight can fluctuate for so many reasons.

In fact, any change in weight within 72 hours is almost never muscle or fat.

And I get it, a lot of people know that.

So they don’t weigh themselves every day…

Instead they do it every week or two.

Well, the problem with that is that it’s so infrequent those fluctuations are worse.

So one day you are holding less water and jump on the scales…

Woo-hoo! Progress you tell yourself.

Then a week later, bit more salt and carbs the day before.


She’s gone back up.

‘This isn’t working.’

‘Screw this.’

‘Pass the chocolate.’

The problem with all this is we are tracking the scoreboard all wrong.

Leading to us feeling like we are ‘losing’ and therefore giving up.

So what do you do instead to avoid this?

You need to measure the right things in the right way.

Allowing you to know if what you are doing IS working.

(because chances are if you started working out and eating better, it is working.)

Do this:

  1. Take a daily weight, but look at your weight as a weekly average (take all 7 days, add them together and divide by 7)

  2. Take a weekly waist measurement (generally the area we want to see shrinking, yah?)

  3. Take progress photos

  4. If you have access to method look at your BF% every 2 weeks (we use an in body scanner for our clients)

When you create the right scoreboard, you’ll be surprised to see a few little changes will get you winning.

You. Got. This.


The Body Shapers

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