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Our mission is to make fitness fun, accessible, and help you live a better life 

Hi, I'm David, the founder of The body  Shapers. My biggest battle in life was growing up as 'the bigger kid'.


I wish I had better photos to really show it, but the truth is I used to hide from photos like my life depended on it.


My nickname in my soccer team was 'cheeseburger' and it left me struggling with confidence for most of high school.


The one thing I'm most grateful for in my life is finding the life-changing power of the gym at 17.


I was scared at first because I was so insecure about my body, but I had a personal trainer help me get started and before I knew it I was hooked.


I replaced 15kg's of fat with confidence and finally found ambition in my life.


It led me to found The Body Shapers so I can help others have the same transformation.



Steph Alston - Studio Manager

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Steph got into fitness as a teenager and struggled with the confidence to go to a gym.


As she learned how to work out and eat better her passion became sharing that journey with us.


She’s since competed in multiple powerlifting competitions and helped 100’s of ladies make fitness a lifestyle.


She laughs at 1/3 of Daves jokes.

Leisa Ireland - Senior Trainer


Leisa has been with us for over 5 years and is a favourite with the members.

Her sessions are always carefully coached to ensure every person gets their form just right.

She also makes time for every member to chat about life outside the gym and leaves everyone feeling better than when they walked in.

Damian Clark - Senior Trainer


Damo is hands down the most dedicated trainer you will meet.


With over 10 years of training experience and meticulous attention to detail, he walks his talk.


He loves helping our members get stronger and push themselves every workout.

And yes, he really loves dogs!

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