David's Transformation

Our mission and 'why' came from a personal struggle

My biggest battle in life was growing up as 'the bigger kid'.


I wish I had better photos to really show it, but the truth is I used to hide from photos like my life depended on it.


My nickname in my soccer team was 'cheeseburger' and it left me struggling with confidence for most of high school.


The one thing I'm most grateful for in my life is finding the life-changing power of the gym at 17.


I was scared at first because I was so insecure about my body, but I had a personal trainer help me get started and before I knew it I was hooked.


I replaced 15kg's of fat with confidence and finally found ambition in my life.


It led me to found The Body Shapers so I can help others have the same transformation.


But, the mission is much deeper than that.


I don't want other kids to have to go through what I did. 


So The Body Shapers decided to specialise in helping women because that's where most kids get their beliefs and habits from.


The reality is, kids don't listen to your opinion, they only see your example.


I believe by building a community that inspires women to lead a healthy lifestyle we can alter the trajectory of the next generations health.







David Mifsud - Director

David founded TBS in 2015 to help others go through the same transformation he did. 


He leads the team and business ensuring every member gets the results they came for.


He is the only male in the entire gym (as TBS is women's only) so he keeps his sanity by watching a lot of superhero movies and WWE wrestling.

Workout nickname - Dave's Destruction

Leisa Ireland - Head Trainer

Leisa is the most experienced trainer on the team and brings a well-rounded background to her training.


She loves helping members get stronger as well as a big focus on injury prevention due to her own challenges.

She is also the gym karaoke queen and puts on her own personal playlist of classic hits at any opportunity​

Workout nickname - Legless with Leisa

Sarah Johnston - Trainer

Sarah brings pure passion and motivation to her training approach bringing out the best in everyone around her.


With 5 kids of her own, she knows what it's like to maintain your own fitness routine while juggling family and work-life-balance.


Sarah also holds the record for being the worlds strongest (and most youthful) Grandma and loves to take a motivational photo when her & Leisa combine for a workout

Workout nickname - Sarah Suicide

Steph Alston - Junior Trainer

For quite a few years Steph found the gym to be an intimidating and overwhelming place.


However, she had an unwavering drive to get better and over time developed her confidence.


Her passion is now to help others find the same love for strength training she has and build their confidence.


She has the title of Instagram queen of the gym where she regularly reminds us she enjoys lifting things that seem far to heavy for someone of her size.​

Workout nickname - Death By Steph

Morgan Brookes - Junior Trainer

Morgan brings a bubbly personality and a thirst for knowledge to the TBS team.


She is currently studying to be an exercise physiologist and loves helping people move better for day to day life.


She is exactly one week older than Steph so she takes great pleasure in calling her 'the youngen' and hiding things from her under the guise of 'I'll tell you when you're older'.

Workout nickname - Take 'Em to the Morg

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