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The Only Small Group Womens Only Fitness Studio Catering To All Fitness Levels
You won't find your typical angry, yelling bootcamp instructor here...

Body Shapers is a unique studio where we help you get fit, lose unwanted fat, and be healthy, all while...

Wait for it...

Enjoying exercising.

We don't subscribe to the torture of endless laps around a block or burpees. 

We will challenge you at the appropriate level, so you get results while looking forward to each day.

If you've been hesistant about group training, or had a bad experience, we are the place for you.

No cliques. No getting lost in the crowd. Just supported and encouraged to get fit and feel your best
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Lola - From over 100kg's to her first chin-up

Member Rsults: Stacy - Over 20kg's down

Member Results: Jess - 'Best decision I ever made'

Vic - Never been to a gym to loving exercise 

Be A Name, Not A Number With Our Small-Group Sessions 

Our Group Workouts are capped at 8 people only, so you don't get lost in the crowd.

This means the trainer will always be there to help you workout at the right level.

We endeavour to be as close to personal training as possible while in a group environment.

Member Rsults: Lola - Over 15kgs Down


Member Rsults: Victoria - Hated Gyms, Now Fitter Than Ever

Our Signature 6-Week Fat Loss & Toning Program Has 100s Of Transformations

For those ready to make a real lifestyle change our 6-week fat loss & toning program gives you everything you need.

Alongside working out in our groups, we'll help you nail your nutrition to see the best results possible.

You'll have your own personal coach keeping you accountable every week as you see results.


This 6-weeks will set you up for good habits to keep your results, or achieve more.


Just Some Of The 6-Week Program Results - And Their Long Term Results
Colleen Before and after.jpg
Jimmy before and after.jpeg
Peta transformation.png
Lauren before and after.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 8.20.11 am.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 8.20.06 am.png
700+ 5-Star Reviews
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